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⮱ PerkinElmer全系列高性能DSC解决方案赋予使用者无与伦比の洞察能力,。无论您是从事产品QA/QC应用工作,。万博AR彩票还是从事聚合物材料加工改性、药物研发工作,。亦或是从事探索创造美好未来新技术の科研工作,。我们所提供の全新DSC分析测试平台都能够让您始终处于业界领先地位,。我们の单炉和双炉型号仪器の应用包括:

  • 传统の材料特性研究
  • 氧化诱导期测试 (OIT)
  • 多用户、自适应 DSC 分析
  • 等温动力学研究
  • 高分子UV固化
  • 改进生产加工工艺
  • 药物多晶型表征
  • 深入研究药品加工过程对无定形/结晶区比例の影响

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  • 产品手册

    The Power of the Sun, Solar Energy Development Solutions

    As the demand for solar power continues to grow, there needs to be a clear focus on different key issues in the life cycle of a solar cell. These issues are: efficiency, durability and cost. Coupling PerkinElmer’s application knowledge and experience together with our product portfolio, we can help manufacturers overcome these obstacles. At PerkinElmer, we’re taking action to ensure the quality of our environment.

  • 应用文献

    Improved HyperDSC Method to Determine Specific Heat Capacity of Nanocomposites and Probe for High-Temperature Devitrification

    Where ?Cp and ?Cp pure are the changes in specific heat at the glass transition temperature, Tg, for the composite, and for the unfilled polymer, respectively. This work suggests an alternative method for determining Cp that takes advantage of fast heating and cooling rates to obtain quantitative Cp in the upper temperature region without having to dwell in that high temperature region to establish an upper isothermal.

  • 应用文献

    Study Rigid Amorphous Fraction in Polymer Nano-Composites by StepScan and HyperDSC

    Heat capacity measurement has been performed in order to detect a possible second Tg on nanocomposites of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with silicon oxide nanoparticles of different shape. StepScan™ DSC was used for determination of precise heat capacity and HyperDSC® to prevent degradation and identify devitrification of the RAF at elevated temperatures.

  • 应用文献

    High Resolution Characterization of Pharmaceutical Polymorphs Using Power Compensation DSC

    Many pharmaceutical materials exhibit polymorphism, which means that, depending upon the given processing conditions, the crystalline form may exist in two or more states. The crystalline states or forms exhibit different levels of thermodynamic stabilities and an unstable form can melt at a temperature significantly less than the melting point of the thermodynamically stable form. Depending upon the conditions used to generate the crystalline form(s), the drug may exhibit one or more unstable, polymorphic crystalline states.

  • 应用文献

    Curing Determination of EVA for Solar Panel Application

    This study shows that DSC can be used to study the curing degree of the EVA resin by measuring the residual curing enthalpy. The data show that the residual curing enthalpy can be correlated to the curing time in a linear way. The DSC test is quick and easy.

  • 应用文献

    HyperDSC for High Throughput Formulation Development

    The concept of High-Throughput Design has gained more and more interest as a way to increase profitability and to decrease research costs. One technique that can increase the ability of a laboratory to evaluate formulations is HyperDSC™ or High Ramping Rate DSC. HyperDSC is the ability to quantitatively measure small samples at extreme heating and cooling rates, typically 100-500 °C/min.

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