⮱我们为您の真空泵和冷水机提供隔音罩,。万博AR彩票为您の自动进样器,。消解器,。 Elemental Scientific自动进样器和Cetac自动进样器提供防尘罩,。⮰

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  • Noise Reduction Cover Dolly for NexION Leybold SV40 Vacuum Pump

    Now that you have your instrument picked out, you’ll need a few other supplies to keep your lab safe and secure. With so many choices available it can be overwhelming, but for your convenience, we have all the accessories you need – customized to fit your laboratory requirements.
  • S10 Autosampler Dust Cover

    Plexiglass cover for reduced contamination of samples from ambient particulates. Measurements: 48cm (18.89) wide 61cm (24.01) high 39cm (15.35) deep.