• 研究领域
  • 先进材料与化学品



  • 原油
  • 汽油
  • 柴油
  • 喷气式燃料
  • 煤油
  • 液化石油气 (LPG)
  • 天然气
  • 甲醇


Featured Products in Petrochemicals

NexION 2000 等离子体质谱仪

PerkinElmer’s NexION® 2000 is the most versatile ICP-MS on the market, feat ...

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LAMBDA 1050 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

The LAMBDA 1050 is one of our highest performance UV/Vis system designed fo ...

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OilExpress 4 XL DUO

OilExpress™ 4 XL DUO is the ultimate system that delivers highly automated, ...

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OilExpress 4 DUO

OilExpress 4™ system delivers highly automated, rapid, reliable oil conditi ...

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Spectrum Two N傅里叶变换近红外光谱仪

The Spectrum Two N™ is a high-performance, yet robust and transportable FT- ...

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Spotlight 400N FT-NIR Imaging System

Spotlight™ IR microscope systems are designed to meet the challenges of an ...

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DSC 8000

The DSC 8000, double-furnace, power compensation DSC provides greater sensi ...

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Frontier MIR/FIR Spectrometer

Choose the Frontier™ range of Fourier Transform IR spectrometers for superi ...

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