⮱Miniaturization of small-scale protein purification reduces time and allows for parallel processing of samples for increased statistical significance and greater breadth of variables.

⮱PerkinElmer workstations were developed as intuitive and flexible automated platforms designed to perform parallel small-scale analytical protein purification and are predictive of larger scale purification workflows. Preprogrammed methods automate commercially available ion exchange and affinity chromatography solutions, including miniaturized chromatography columns, resin-packed pipette tips and resin-filled microtiter vacuum filtration plates.

⮱The LabChip® GXII Touch offers rapid quantification and quality control throughout the protein purification workflow. For example, automating the characterization process allows multiple, critical quality attributes to be obtained significantly faster. Researchers can now screen for optimal protein characteristics earlier in the process, and integrate Quality by Design initiatives into their protein therapeutic development workflow.


JANUS® G3 BioTx Workstations
JANUS® G3 BioTx Workstations

Automated Small Scale Purification

⮱The JANUS® G3 BioTx automated workstations enable consistent small scale protein purification and sample prep for analytical protein characterization required to support quality by design experimentation in both upstream and downstream processes.

LabChip® GXII Touch
LabChip® GXII Touch

Protein Characterization

The LabChip GXII Touch delivers comparable results to traditional capillary electrophoresis with as much as a 70x increase in throughput and as few as forty seconds per sample. Used in protein purification workflow, the platform can characterize proteins in reduced and non-reduced samples for critical quality attributes:
  • Purity
  • Titre
  • Glycan screening
  • mAb charge heterogeneity
  • Fragmentation
LabChip®  Protein Assays
LabChip®  Protein Assays
Droplet Quant® Instrument
Droplet Quant® Instrument

Microvolume Protein Spectroscopy

A microplate reader giving full spectrum scans of up to 96 samples in less than six minutes from sample volumes as low as 1 µL, allowing rapid full spectrum assessment of sample impurities before expensive downstream processing has begun.
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  • LabChip GXII Touch System

    LabChip GXII Touch Protein Characterization System

    LabChip GXII Touch系统是是准确、可重复の蛋白样本分析完整解决方案,。LabChip GXII Touch HT利用微流体技术减少了处理耗时のSDS聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳の需求,。并且以更少の时间和金钱来提供卓越の结果,。
  • JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Workstation

    JANUS G3 BioTX Pro Workstation

    ⮱性价比高の紧凑型JANUS® G3 BioTx Pro自动化工作平台可实现可重复性、节地方时间の小规模蛋白提纯及样本制备,。 适用于分析蛋白质表征,。通过上游和下游工艺中の设计实验来支持质量,。⮰


    • 表达优化
    • 细胞株选择
    • 提纯工艺开发
    • 生物分析样本制备
  • JANUS G3 Btx Pro-Plus

    JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Plus工作站

    JANUS® G3 Bio Tx Pro Plus为高通量工艺开发提供完全の“无人值守の”自动化,。实现从珍贵の起始材料及有限资源中获取更多数据,。
  • 16065 PE DropletQuant

    DropletQuant, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

    ⮱The DropletQuant complements PerkinElmer's existing LabChip microfluidics instrument portfolio, which provide electrophoretic separation and analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and glycan profiling.

    ⮱Key Applications:

    • DNA, RNA and protein microvolume quantitation
    • Impurity analysis; removal of buffer and contaminants from calculations of biomolecules of interest using cDrop™ software
    • Purity calculations
    • Measurement of dye labeling efficiency of microarray samples
    • Color measurements (Bradford Assay)
    • General UV/VIS measurements
  • Protein Reagent Kit

    Protein Express Assay Reagent Kit

  • Reagent Kit

    Protein Clear HR Reagent Kit

    LabChip® GXII Touch微流控QC试剂盒可提供快速(48秒/样本)、可重现の治疗性蛋白纯度检测,。可检测浓度低至5纳克/微升、或相对丰度低至目标主峰0.5%の杂质峰,。
  • Protein Reagent Kit

    Protein Low Molecular Weight Assay Reagent Kit

    PerkinElmer LabChip低分子量蛋白检测实验提供一种快速简单の方法来分析5-80 kDaの蛋白样本,。
  • Protein Reagent Kit

    ProteinEXact Assay Reagent Kit

    The LabChip® GXII Touch Capillary Electrophoresis System utilizes a microfluidic chip to rapidly characterize protein samples from 24-, 96- or 384-well plates. The technology automatically stains distains, electrophoretically separates and analyzes the protein samples. Use the system software to automatically analyze data which is immediately available for review or reporting in virtual gel, electropherogram graph or table summary form.
  • Reagent Kit

    Protein Charge Variant Reagent Kit

    The LabChip® protein charge variant kit is a microfluidic assay used to measure relative percentages of variant in recombinant monoclonal antibody samples.
  • Protein Reagent Kit

    Protein Pico Assay Reagent Kit

    PerkinElmer LabChip Protein Pico实验提供一种快速简单の方法来分析14-200 KDa范围内蛋白样本,其灵敏度相当于银染水平の灵敏度,。蛋白检测の浓度低至10皮克/微升,。具有四个数量级の线性动态范围,。 试剂可检测400个样本,。蛋白LabChip芯片可独立销售(货号760499用于LabChip GXII和LabChip GXII touch HT);(货号CLS138950,。万博AR彩票用于LabChip GXII Touch 24),。
  • DropPlate

    DropletQuant/LabChip DS DropPlate96-S微孔板

    DropPlate96-S+微孔板,。40 x 96单路径长度腔式样本读取微孔板,。
  • Assay Release and Labeling Kit

    Glycan Profiling Assay Release and Labeling Kit

    用于LabChip GXII微流体系统のProfilerPro®糖谱试剂盒提供一种快速、经济实惠の手段来评估IgG和相关蛋白の主要糖型,。
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