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产品与服务 (52)

Filters :

  • LSC (45)
  • Radiometric (47)
  • Microplates (7)
  • Filtermat (2)
  • Safer (29)
  • Classical (13)
  • Ultima Gold (16)
  • MicroScint (5)
  • Opti-Fluor (3)
  • Ultima-Flo (3)
  • MeltiLex (2)
  • Biofluor (2)
  • PermaFluor (2)
  • Insta-Gel (2)
  • Pico-Fluor Plus (2)
  • Flo-Scint (2)
  • Hionic-Fluor (2)
  • OptiPhase (1)
  • BetaPlate Scint (1)
  • Carbosorb (1)
  • EN3HANCE (1)
  • Insta-Fluor (1)
  • SOLVABLE (1)
  • Emulsifier Safe (1)
  • MonoPhase S (1)
  • Enlightning (1)
  • Filter-Count (1)
  • 6-8 (15)
  • < 6 (7)
  • > 8 (6)
  • Solid (soluble) (25)
  • Liquid (aqueous) (22)
  • Solid (insoluble) (14)
  • Biological samples (9)
  • Filter (dry) (9)
  • Liquid (organic) (7)
  • Gas (Radon) (7)
  • Gas (CO2) (6)
  • Filter (wet) (5)
  • Filter (dissolved) (5)
  • Flow cocktail (4)
  • Oxidized samples (4)
  • Flow cocktail (water/methanol gradients) (3)
  • Flow cocktail (aqueous gradients) (3)
  • Flow cocktail (ammonium phosphate) (2)
  • Solid (2)
  • Flow cocktail (water/acetonitrile gradients) (1)

1-12 の 52 产品与服务

  • PerkinElmer

    Permafluor® E+, 1x1L

    Permafluor® E+ is a pseudocumene-based cocktail specifically formulated for use in Packard's Model 307 Sample Oxidizer system. This cocktail is designed for counting 14CO2 samples that are trapped in Carbo-Sorb® E.
  • Carbo-Sorb® E, 1L

    Carbo-Sorb® E is a high capacity radioactive dioxide absorber compatible with the counting cocktail Permafluor E+.
  • MeltiLex, for Microbeta Filters, 100/PK

    MeltiLex®-A solid scintillator for MicroBeta filters. This solid scintillant alternative be melted onto filtermats for scintillation counting.
  • Ultima Gold F, 2x5L

    Ultima Gold™ F is a high efficiency, safer liquid scintillation cocktail for counting dry filter supports, as well as organic samples. For alpha/beta LSC counting, Ultima Gold™ F is an ideal diluent for Ultima Gold™ AB, increasing energy resolutions and pulse-shape discrimination for small volume samples.
  • PerkinElmer

    Biofluor Plus (2x5L)

    Biofluor® Plus is specially formulated to provide accurate and reproducible high efficiency counting of aqueous samples. It will accept up to 2 mL of a wide variety of aqueous samples in 10 mL cocktail. The continuous single liquid phase formed from zero to the maximum acceptable sample load, avoids unexpected two-phase separation.
  • Ultima-Flo M, 2x5L

    Formulated for multipurpose flow counting applications, this safer cocktail has a high sample acceptance for a wide range of HPLC gradients. Ultima-Flo M has low viscosity, unique rapid mixing properties and is resistant to chemiluminescence.
  • Ultima Gold, 2x5L

    Ultima Gold is a safer liquid scintillation cocktail for a wide range of aqueous and nonaqueous samples. Ultima Gold is the ideal, high efficiency, multipurpose LSC cocktail. For samples which exhibit severe quench in conventional cocktails, Ultima Gold provides superior detection efficiency.
  • Insta-Fluor Plus, 4x2.5L

    Insta-Fluor Plus is a pseudocumene based LSC cocktail blended for optimal counting of organic samples and nonaqueous solutions. Simply combine the organic sample with Insta-Fluor Plus, shake to ensure homogeneity and count. Insta-Fluor Plus is ideally suited for use in two-phase extraction assays (e.g. CAT assays).
  • MicroScint 40, 1L

    MicroScint™-40 cocktail was primarily developed to accept dilute aqueous samples at up to 40% loading, but was also found to be suitable for more concentrated samples. MicroScint™-40 cocktail also mixes easily with most sample types but slightly longer agitation may be necessary when handling large sample volumes. It has an absolute, unquenched Tritium efficiency of approximately 40% when measured in a 24-well white polystyrene OptiPlate microplate.
  • PerkinElmer


    Pico-Fluor Plus is a NPE free Liquid Scintillation Cocktail featuring high sample load capacity for aqueous samples and buffer solutions, dompatibility with alkaline tissue solubilizers, compatibility and no background with alkaline sample material, and relatively high Counting efficiency for tritium.
  • PerkinElmer


    Flo-Scint™ A is suitable for acetonitrile/water gradients, for counting polar organic solvents and dilute salt solutions. It has excellent sample loading capacities at up to 50% in aqueous solutions. Flo-Scint A is also resistant to chemiluminescence, is non-gelling and has a high counting efficiency.
  • Ultima Gold LLT, 1L

    Liquid scintillation cocktail allows you to determine low levels of 3H in a wide range of water samples without requiring distillation.
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