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  • 产品手册

    The Power of the Sun, Solar Energy Development Solutions

    As the demand for solar power continues to grow, there needs to be a clear focus on different key issues in the life cycle of a solar cell. These issues are: efficiency, durability and cost. Coupling PerkinElmer’s application knowledge and experience together with our product portfolio, we can help manufacturers overcome these obstacles. At PerkinElmer, we’re taking action to ensure the quality of our environment.

  • 应用文献

    Improved HyperDSC Method to Determine Specific Heat Capacity of Nanocomposites and Probe for High-Temperature Devitrification

    Where ?Cp and ?Cp pure are the changes in specific heat at the glass transition temperature, Tg, for the composite, and for the unfilled polymer, respectively. This work suggests an alternative method for determining Cp that takes advantage of fast heating and cooling rates to obtain quantitative Cp in the upper temperature region without having to dwell in that high temperature region to establish an upper isothermal.

  • 应用文献

    Pharmaceutical Compounds are Analyzed in Half the Time by Simultaneous TGA-DSC

    In the “Early Drug Discovery Phase” of pharmaceutical development when there is a minimum amount of synthesized drug candidate, quick thermal analysis using a small amount of sample is the norm. The sample amount could be less than 3 mg. Because of the rush to identify possible drug candidates, analytical answers must be given within the day. The STA 6000 with its sensitivity of 0.1 µg allows minimum sample material to obtain reproducible results in half the time.

  • 应用文献

    Proximate Analysis of Coal and Coke using the STA 8000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the proximate analysis of two standard samples using the STA and show that the performance is easily able to allow this moderate cost, small profile and sturdy instrument to be used for this type of routine analysis.

  • 应用文献

    Study Rigid Amorphous Fraction in Polymer Nano-Composites by StepScan and HyperDSC

    Heat capacity measurement has been performed in order to detect a possible second Tg on nanocomposites of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with silicon oxide nanoparticles of different shape. StepScan™ DSC was used for determination of precise heat capacity and HyperDSC® to prevent degradation and identify devitrification of the RAF at elevated temperatures.

  • 应用文献

    High Resolution Characterization of Pharmaceutical Polymorphs Using Power Compensation DSC

    Many pharmaceutical materials exhibit polymorphism, which means that, depending upon the given processing conditions, the crystalline form may exist in two or more states. The crystalline states or forms exhibit different levels of thermodynamic stabilities and an unstable form can melt at a temperature significantly less than the melting point of the thermodynamically stable form. Depending upon the conditions used to generate the crystalline form(s), the drug may exhibit one or more unstable, polymorphic crystalline states.

  • 应用文献

    Soot Content Determination of In-Service Lubricants of Diesel Engine as Per ASTM D5967 Annex A4

    Internal combustion in an engine produces soot as a result of incomplete fuel combustion. The soot deposits deplete the quantity of dispersant additives which may cause an increase in viscosity which in turn increases engine wear. These soot particles adversely affect the engine performance and can lead to damage of the engine parts. This application note demonstrates the quantification of soot content as well as the repeatability of the measurement.

  • 应用文献

    Analysis of Polluted Soil by TG-IR Technique

    One of the most challenging analytical problems with increasing importance is the possibility to analyze soil polluted by the dispersion of organic fluids which sometimes features particularly high boiling points. The current techniques used solvent extraction and headspace chromatographic analysis, have shown their limits. Solvent extraction needs time consuming sample preparation. Headspace makes it impossible to heat the sample at temperatures exceeding 200 °C, which risks not being able to identify the heaviest fractions of the polluting agents.

  • 应用文献

    Curing Determination of EVA for Solar Panel Application

    This study shows that DSC can be used to study the curing degree of the EVA resin by measuring the residual curing enthalpy. The data show that the residual curing enthalpy can be correlated to the curing time in a linear way. The DSC test is quick and easy.

  • 应用文献

    HyperDSC for High Throughput Formulation Development

    The concept of High-Throughput Design has gained more and more interest as a way to increase profitability and to decrease research costs. One technique that can increase the ability of a laboratory to evaluate formulations is HyperDSC™ or High Ramping Rate DSC. HyperDSC is the ability to quantitatively measure small samples at extreme heating and cooling rates, typically 100-500 °C/min.

  • 应用文献

    A novel method (TG-IR) for the rapid determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil

    A gas chromatographic analysis of the extract can provide even greater sensitivity and more detailed compositional information, but further increases the time required for the analysis. Thermogravimetric analysis coupled to infrared spectroscopy (TG-IR) can provide detailed information about the amount and nature of the pollution, while requiring no sample preparation at all. This application note illustrates the kind of data that can be obtained with a modern TG-IR system.

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1-12 の 13 产品与服务

  • Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (STA) 8000

    同步万博AR彩票官方网站仪 (STA) 8000

    STA 8000同步万博AR彩票官方网站仪可提供您可以依赖の性能,。可靠性和生产力,。
  • DMA 8000 N5330101


    DMA 8000の创新型设计、高效灵活の操作使之成为材料研究开发和生产线质量控制の理想仪器,。可广泛应用于聚合物、复合材料、制药以及食品行业,。
  • DSC 8000

    DSC 8000特有の双炉体技术,。直接测量两个独立炉体之间热流变化,。可在全程温度范围得到非常准确の能量数据,。从而满足您在科研方面の高级需求,。
  • TGA 8000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    TGA 8000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    Our TGA 8000 thermogravimetric analyzer gives you complete control over your sample environment and delivers high throughput and reliability, even unattended. Plus, advanced hyphenation technology works beautifully with FT-IR, MS, GC/MS, and other systems for better understanding of evolved gases. In other words, this is complex characterization made simple.
  • DSC6000

    DSC 6000

  • TGA 8000

  • DSC 4000 系统, 100-240V/50-60Hz

  • 同步万博AR彩票官方网站仪 (STA) 6000

    The STA 6000 同步万博AR彩票官方网站仪可提供您可以依赖の性能,。可靠性和生产力,。
  • TMA4000_Silhouette_wNameplate_320px

    TMA 4000 实验室系统, 100-230V

    PerkinElmer公司のTMA 4000是一款设计简洁、使用方便、稳固耐用の热机械分析仪,。非常适合于精确测量微型元器件/材料の膨胀系数(CTE)等应用领域,。
  • TGA 4000 N5370210

    TGA 4000 系统, 100-240V/50-60Hz

    TGA 4000 炉体采用集约式陶瓷设计,。温度控制准确度和精度更高,。其陶瓷炉体耐化学腐蚀性优异,。适用于多种活性气体气氛,。可充分拓展您の研究领域,。
  • LAB SYS-DSC 8500

  • PerkinElmer

    Autosampler Platinum Pan Kit for Pyris

    We offer a complete portfolio of consumables, accessories and supplies that deliver optimal performance in measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion.
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