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    TurboMatrix Thermal Desorbers for Gas Chromatography

    For laboratories analyzing everything from air quality to flavors and fragrances, thermal desorption offers a faster, easier, more cost-efficient way to prepare samples for GC or GC/MS analysis. Ideal for the trace-level measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—as well as most semi-volatile chemicals—thermal desorption lets you avoid time-consuming, manual, solvent-based sample preparation in favor of a simple, streamlined, automated approach. It also delivers the added benefits of superior throughput and enhanced sensitivity.

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    Ozone Precursor System

    The analysis of C2 to C12 volatile organic ozone-precursor compounds can present a serious technical challenge to the analytical chemist. Low concentrations in the atmosphere coupled with the need to monitor frequently to assess diurnal variations means that a preconcentration step of the sample before analysis by thermal desorption is required. While the samples can be collected in the field and returned to the laboratory, remote, field-based analysis is desired which allows reduced data turnaround time, minimizes sample collection hardware and permits the presence or absence of VOCs to be correlated with meteorological data. In the field, low-molecular-weight C2 VOCs can be trapped on solid adsorbents if those adsorbents are cryogenically cooled.

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    Collaboration Helps Improve How Pace Analytical Services Collects and Analyzes Air Samples

    PerkinElmer’s new desorption tube is now used on a routine basis and it is changing the way Pace and its customers conduct environmental testing. In fact, productivity and customer satisfaction at Pace Labs has significantly improved thanks to this single method approach. The benefits of the TO-17 thermal desorption tubes are that they use no solvent, rendering it a more environmentally friendly method.

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    What EPA Method 325 A/B Means For Oil Refineries

    The following is an interview with Lee Marotta, Senior Field Application Scientist at PerkinElmer, Inc. Lee has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental field supporting water, soil, and air applications and is a long-time advisor to the EPA. As our PerkinElmer resident expert, Lee talks about the new benzene testing standards at the fenceline of North American refineries as required by Method 325 A/B.

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    One-Stop Solution for EPA Method 325

    As petroleum and refining experts and suppliers, you are a vital asset to the nation. So why not focus on what you do best and allow a world-class leader in environmental analysis to handle the details on your Method 325 response? Because of Method 325’s complex requirements for continuous passive air sampling, ongoing laboratory analysis, and detailed reporting to establish a traceable audit trail, you can turn to PerkinElmer, a global leader for industrial solutions.

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