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    Analysis of Polluted Soil by TG-IR Technique

    One of the most challenging analytical problems with increasing importance is the possibility to analyze soil polluted by the dispersion of organic fluids which sometimes features particularly high boiling points. The current techniques used solvent extraction and headspace chromatographic analysis, have shown their limits. Solvent extraction needs time consuming sample preparation. Headspace makes it impossible to heat the sample at temperatures exceeding 200 °C, which risks not being able to identify the heaviest fractions of the polluting agents.

  • 应用文献

    A novel method (TG-IR) for the rapid determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil

    A gas chromatographic analysis of the extract can provide even greater sensitivity and more detailed compositional information, but further increases the time required for the analysis. Thermogravimetric analysis coupled to infrared spectroscopy (TG-IR) can provide detailed information about the amount and nature of the pollution, while requiring no sample preparation at all. This application note illustrates the kind of data that can be obtained with a modern TG-IR system.

  • 应用文献

    Soot Content Determination of In-Service Lubricants of Diesel Engine as Per ASTM D5967 Annex A4

    Internal combustion in an engine produces soot as a result of incomplete fuel combustion. The soot deposits deplete the quantity of dispersant additives which may cause an increase in viscosity which in turn increases engine wear. These soot particles adversely affect the engine performance and can lead to damage of the engine parts. This application note demonstrates the quantification of soot content as well as the repeatability of the measurement.

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